Bass guitar

The Salvation Army is renowned for its music – from brass bands to choirs. In Boston we have two choirs (a senior one, called the Songster Brigade, and a junior one, called the Singing Company), two brass bands (the Senior Band and the Young People’s Band), a timbrel brigade and a worship group (called Cornerstones). The members of all the music sections, as they are called in the Army, have to be uniformed Salvationists, with the exception of Cornerstones.


Senior Band

Our band has about 25 players across all ages (14+). It is under the leadership of Band Master Paul Clark. The band plays most weeks during the Sunday evening meeting and has other engagements during the year, being especially busy at Christmas.

Bandmaster: Paul Clark
Band Secretary: Sue Andrews
Band Sergeant: Zoe Homes

Corps Carol Service

Songster Brigade

Our adult choir (14+), called the Songster Brigade, has about 30 members and is led by Songster Leader Wendy Keller. With a wide repertoire at their disposal, the Songsters sing at both of our services on a Sunday as well as at other engagements.

Songster Leader: Wendy Keller
Deputy Songster Leader: Duncan Starbuck
Songster Secretary: Emma Scott
Songster Sergeant: Mel Cawkwell

Singing Company

The junior choir, or Singing Company, is led by Singing Company Leader James Addis. It is made up of about 10 young people who enjoy singing a wide variety of music and can be heard in our Family meeting on a Sunday morning.

Singing Company Leader: Kerry Ellis
Singing Company Sergeant: Marilyn Hutchinson

Timbrel Brigade

The Timbrel Brigade is traditionally one of the most recognisable elements of a Salvation Army open air. Our Timbrel Brigade has about 8 players who perform at special meetings and events, as well as our open air meetings.

Leader: Celia Ellis

Young People’s Band

The young people’s band is for members aged 7-18 years who play or are learning to play a brass instrument.  It is looked after by Band Leader Alex Addis and plays during our Family meeting on a Sunday morning and at other engagements.

Young People’s Band
Young People’s Band Leader: Alex Addis


Cornerstones is a worship group made up of those aged 13 upwards, formed originally to accompany the more modern worship songs, but now also able to ‘perform’ in their own right.

The group includes woodwind, brass and percussion instruments, guitars and also voices. There is no minimum or maximum number to make up the group, but we prefer ages 13 and over and people who profess to be Christians. The music we use is played as a witness to the Christian faith and also to evangelise.

The name came from nowhere. We were considering what we should be called when in a youth meeting we were reminded that Jesus is our cornerstone. And that was it!

Leader: Edward Addis