Our main worship programme takes place on Sundays, and includes meetings (or services) in the morning and the evening, a band visitation or open air, and classes for young people (Sparklers for babies to 7-year-olds and Club 61 for those aged 7-years and upwards). More about Sparklers and Club 61 can be found in the Youth section. Information about the different meetings and our Sunday worship programme can be found by clicking the programme button on the left.

Worship is also a part of most of our other activities, details of which can be seen throughout this website.


Sunday Programme

Sunday10.30amFamily Meeting
11.00am (approx) - 12.00pmClub 61 and Sparklers (children go out half way through the Family Meeting)
6.15pmSalvation Meeting

The above times are a guide only, please contact us for confirmation.

You can also find out about about becoming a member of The Salvation Army by clicking the Membership button on the left.

Family Meeting

The object of the family meeting is to bring families to know God, and includes teaching for both children and adults. The Young People’s band play, and the Songsters and Singing Company sing during this meeting.

Salvation Meeting

A salvation meeting is a good opportunity to bring new people into the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and provides teachings from the Bible both to people new to church and to those who are already Christians. It is similar in some respects to the family meeting. The salvation meeting includes the Senior Band and Songsters (choir) providing items, using their music to praise God and help bring people closer to Him. On the first Sunday of the month the salvation meeting has a name change – it becomes a ‘songs of praise’. This is a special meeting where much singing is done and all the musical sections take part (including the timbrels). These are usually bright and cheerful occasions, and are followed by tea and biscuits!