Welcome to New Corps Officers

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Sunday 24th July 2016 saw the welcome and installation of Majors Ged and Jayne Nicoll as the new Corps Officers at Boston Citadel.

Gerald and Jayne Nicoll entered William Booth College in 1998 while soldiers of Blackpool Citadel Corps. Their first appointment saw them minister in South Wales followed with service as Corps Officers of Newport Corps for seven years, which also included pastoral responsibility for Senghenydd and Pontypool. As part of a team ministry all Corps realised significant growth spiritually, numerically and financially. An appointment to London as Corps Officers of Bexleyheath presented the challenge of transitioning the Corps from the ‘Army’ hall to sharing premises with the Methodist Church while establishing a community centre in the main shopping area. Their subsequent transfer to Hillingdon Corps in north west London provided experience with serving at major fires and flooding using the emergency vehicle, along with responding to passenger emergency situations at Heathrow Airport. It was during their time at Hillington that the Nicolls established a large community store with volunteer support and thereby creating a significant entry point into the life of the Corps. Subsequently, the Nicolls gave oversight to two appointments simultaneously with the addition of Dunstable for seven months (reachable with a journey on the dreaded M25!).

Ged and Jayne’s most recent appointment saw them serving as CO’s of Grimsby Corps for four years, having had the blessing of seeing new people come to faith, develop their discipleship and make fresh commitments for Corps membership. Service opportunities have been realised through the advent of a community store in Cleethorpes and raising much needed resources for the Corps. In Grimsby, the Nicolls were instrumental in re-establishing Sunday School (the first for a number of years) along with the enrolment of the first Junior Soldier in a decade. Alongside of being the CO’s, Ged and Jayne also served as Area Candidate Officers for the East Midlands Division. Majors Nicoll testify to the goodness of God throughout the journey thus far, feeling that “…while the Lord has led us He has also provided vision and clarity for every task”. They now look forward to this next part of the journey as Corps Officers responsible for Boston Corps.

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