The Sally Army and Me

Published March 21, 2016 by webmaster in News

Paul O'Grady‘The Sally Army and Me’ is a six part series presented by Paul O’Grady scheduled to be broadcast on BBC 1 on Easter Sunday at 6.05pm.

Paul O’Grady is a friend of The Salvation Army and has been a supporter of our work for many years, and it has always been his ambition to march with a Salvation Army Band . He has a great deal of respect for our Church and a lifelong passion for our music; describing our movement, ‘For some reason The Sally Army has always managed to build a bridge across my life.’

The format of the programme is created so he can see the breadth of our work and will feature our Christian faith, our history, our mission and our work today.

The objectives of the programme are to enable viewers to find out or want to discover more about faith and to encourage people to connect with and attend their local Salvation Army. It will also showcase the work of The Salvation Army and the social welfare issues that many of our clients face.

You can watch ‘The Sally Army and Me’ starting on Sunday 27th March at 6.05pm, or on the BBC iPlayer.

If people want to get in touch with us here at Boston Salvation Army please do so using the email address or phone number 01205 359232 or visit us at our Hall at any of our Meeting times.

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