History Book 1908-1919

This page contains selected items from the Corps History Book from 1908 to 1919. Items from other periods are also available.

21st, 22nd & 23rd November 1908 – 30th Corps Anniversary

1908-11-21-30th-Anniversary_DSC_6224Major Etherington, Divisional Chancellor, conducted the meetings on Sat & Sun.

On Mon, anniversary tea followed by musical evening.

Mrs Smith had stall for sale of goods left over from the Sale of Work.

A number of the soldiers gave anniversary thank-offerings, a penny for each year they had been saved. Sis Whattam provided the Major’s billet.

Several comrades gave donations for the tea and others provided tables.

The following sisters presided at tables:

Sis. Mrs Ted Jackson (Given.)

Sis. Mrs Tom Jackson

Sis. Eugenie Melson & Sis. G Ryan (Collected.)

Sis. Mrs Sam Woods

Sis. Mrs Davison & Sis Dowy.

The following comrades gave donations for the tea:

Sec’y Atkin

Sergt-Major Deacon

Sis. Mrs Lark

Mrs Hodgson

Number present at tea, about 90

31st May 1909 – Whit Monday

1909-05-31-Whit-Monday_DSC_6225Corps outing to Spilsby  by 3 brakes [wagons], some 40 soldiers & 20 friends accompanying. Left Citadel at 9.43am arriving at destination 1.10pm. 3/4 hour halt at Stickney – own refreshments taken, the Wesleyan granting the use of their school room, tea being provided at 1/2d per cup on arrival and at tea time. Two open-air meetings were held, one at 3pm the other at 6.30pm, large crowd in the evening, collections amounted to £1.5.7. Places of interest were visited in intervals. About 5 dozen publications were sold. The Treasurer, Tom Jackson, was responsible for arrangements. Started return journey at 8.20pm. Slow progress down the hills, several having to walk from 2 to 3 miles, arrived in town about 11.30. Had a splendid day, the weather being grand.

19th July 1909 – Junior Outing

1909-07-19-Junior-Outing_DSC_6226On the same lines as last year. Met at Grand Sluice 1.30, boarded barge lent by Bro Geo’ Beecham and steam launch lent by and driven by Mr John Peck. Started about 2 o’clock for Lanrick, where a field as before was kindly lent by Mr Allen. Tea was there provided the water being boiled on the steamer. Adults were provided with tea at 6d each. Trip & tea for 1s each, children half price. The Wesleyan school room was lent together with the use of tables and crockery. 31 forms were taken on the barge kindly lent from the Witham Green School per Mr Jessop (Dolphin Lane). Left Langrick about 8.15 reaching home safely at 9.30pm. Weather fine and cool.

15th May 1910 – Passing Away of King Edward VII

1910-05-15-King-Edward-VII-Passing_DSC_6227Special references were made to the passing away of His Late Majesty King Edward VII. The band played on the march in the afternoon “The Dead March in Saul” and “The Church’s One Foundation” also the former was again played at the night open air and “Promoted to Glory” on the march. Inside a commemoration service was held by special order from HQ. Songsters sand a piece composed for the occasion by Treasurer Tom Jackson to the tune “The Dead March in Saul” the congregation standing. Publication Sergeant John Black gave a short address, band played “The Vital Spark”. Message from the General was read by Adjutant Massey, who afterwards gave an address from the text “I have fought a good fight I have kept the faith”. There was a large congregation.

22nd November 1910 – A Burglary at the Citadel

1910-11-22-Burglary_DSC_6228Citadel broken into by a youth who entered near midnight by breaking a pane of glass window next the Bandroom. Entering the Officers’ room he broke open the cupboard appropriating some cartridges containing cash. He was, during the following day, apprehended in connection with other thefts. The Officer with Treasurer Jackson and Hallkeeper’s Substitute Sis. Davey had to appear at Police Court to give evidence and about 2 months’ later had to appear at the Lincoln Assizes, but were not called up to give evidence, prisoner pleading guilty, when he was committed to various terms of imprisonment, to experience that the way of transgression is hard, but we pray for his salvation.

25th & 26th December 1911 – Christmas Celebrations

1911-12-25-Christmas_DSC_6229For a fortnight the Band and Songsters went out carolling on alternative nights and on Christmas day from about 10am until well into the afternoon the Band were out playing. At night an open-air meeting was held at the Five Lamps followed by a bright indoor service which was well attended. Boxing Day – Childrens’ Demonstration at 7.30. Bandsman J Scuffham presided. Good attendance. The Citadel for Christmas was most tastefully decorated by Sister Mrs Whattam assisted by Officers and others.

21st April 1912 – Loss of the Titanic

1912-04-21-Titanic_DSC_6230Special reference was made to the loss of the Liner called the “Titanic” with over 1500 souls. Band played at night “Vital Spark” and “The Dead March in Saul”. Retiring collections were also taken for survivors and bereaved ones. Evening memorial service also to Miss Ada Turner.

27th May 1912 – Whit Monday

1912-05-27-Whit-Monday_DSC_6231Corps outing to Coningsby. Three conveyances left Citadel about 10.15am with some 50 comrades and friends, a few others cycling. Tea provided at noon and at tea time party taking own food. Had open air at Tattershall in afternoon and three stands at Coningsby in the evening.

30th November & 1st December 1912 – Corps’ 35th Anniversary

1912-11-30-Anniversary_DSC_6232Corps’ 35th Anniversary led by Brigadier Courtham. Musical Festival in the afternoon. Services well attended, especially night. Monday – Anniversary tea followed by a lecture on “Glimpses of the life-work and passing hence of General William Booth” illustrated by over 100 Limelight Lantern slides. Mr J Best manipulating the Latern and records of some of the General’s addresses were produced on Gramophone kindly lent by Mr G. A. Mitchell.

April 1915 – Legacy Left to Corps

1915-04-Legacy_DSC_6234Legacy left by late Mr Robinson Hairdresser. £100 left to be invested by Trustees and the interest used in the winter by the Commanding Officer (for the time being) of the local Corps for helping the poor in Boston and Skirbeck. National Headquarters instructs that the Corps must, each year, send particulars to the Divisional Headquarters as to how it is proposed to spend this interest, and to wait for Divisional Commander’s approval before doing so. Receipts must be obtained in full for the amount spent or given, so that a separate may be tendered if necessary.

Winter 1915

1915-WinterDSC_6235During the winter some effort was made to keep our elder lads and as  result a unit was formed of the Life Saving Corps which has now developed into a Troop. The services of Cllr Brett have been very valuable in this connection and but for his keep I am afraid we should have lost our older lads. The lighting restrictions and Zeppelin scares made the winter a very difficult period.

10th & 11th June 1916 – Visit by Mrs Booth

1916-06-10-Visit-Mrs-Booth_DSC_6237Visit of Mrs booth attended by Col Jeffries, Brigdr Maxwell and HQ Staff. Meeting on Saturday was led by Col Jeffries; a very good time. On Sunday Mrs Booth led. The attendance all day was good. In the Holiness Meeting quite a number sought the blessing. At the lecture in the afternoon Col J Beaulah presided assisted by a number of ladies and ??? (see enclosed card). The hall was packed. At night Salvation Meeting a ??? inspiring time. A number sought the Lord. Finances were not quite up to expectations.

1st September 1917

1917-09-01-Air-Riad_DSC_6238On Saturday September 1st we had an air raid. This has very much affected our work during the dark nights. The people being afraid to venture out after dark. But for the ‘air raid’ the Corps attendance and finance would have been better, then. The men solders, especially the band, being called up has also make a great deal against work in Boston.

13th July 1918 – Weekend Specials

1918-07-13-Weekend-Specials_DSC_6241Weekend conducted by Major James, open air meeting Saturday night. Good crowds and band reinforced by comrades home on leave. Sunday meetings good although weather very stormy. Monday night Major related some of his early day experiences.

11th November 1919 – Thanksgiving Service

1919-11-11-Thanksgiving_DSC_6242Thanksgiving Service held in the Market Place at 7.45pm to return thanks for God’s goodness to us during the four and a half years of war. Testimonies were given by two comrades, who had seen service overseas -Bro. F Handley & Bro. W. Melson. This service was preceded by the ‘Dead March’ being played from the S.A. Citadel High St. in memory of the ‘honoured dead’.